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What is the difference between Points of You® tools?

 The magic of Points of You® tools is sparked by the fascinating combination of photos, words, and questions. Together they create a whole world of associations, feelings, and insights. 

Our tools fit into any coaching, counseling, therapy, and or development process. When using them you expand points of view and create meaningful conversations in a simple and easy way.  

The Coaching Game® , is a colorful tool to boost your self-development as well as support others in their journey. Images combined with words It inspires us to look inside, discover new points of view and translate though into action. 

Punctum® is the meeting point between intriguing photos, words, and question cards, together they create a world of possibilities, associations, and feelings. Making it a dynamic and metaphorical tool that helps stimulate a moment of discovery and clarity. 

Faces® present us with a diverse mix of people from all around the world across genders, races, ages, and backgrounds, together with a set of Reflection Cards representing various human archetypes it’s a straightforward and powerful tool that is all about people, relationships, and getting to know ourselves through the faces of others. 

Flow® combines beautiful photo-word cards, questions cards, flexible process layout charts, and focus cards, that help zoom into the simple moments of life, the in-betweens. It’s a communicative andaccessible tool allowing you to set an easy and flowing dialogue in motion. It’s an invitation to reflect, hold space, accept and just be.