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How do I become a Points of You® certified facilitator?

Are you thinking about becoming a Points of You® Facilitator? That's amazing 🌸✨🌈

 You'll be happy to know that we have certified facilitator all over the world and you'll be a part of a big and loving community. To become a certified facilitator, you need to learn Points of You® method, the art of asking questions and incorporating Points of You® into your practice. 

We know the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in the experience and that’s the reason your first step to becoming a certified facilitator is to attend Academy workshops, then you will become eligible to begin your training and certification path. The path includes online courses, practicum, and approval process. Becoming certified can get overwhelming sometimes and we want you to success, this is why our future facilitators receive full support during their certification journey from our Professional Development team and community. 

So may this be the path for you? 

We hope to have you join us and facilitate groups and individuals into their new points of view and open hearts