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Community Notifications Preferences

 We prefer not to bother you with stuff you don’t want to know. So, you can do this in 4 different and easy ways. Let’s browse through all options. 

 Community Profile Notifications In the community upper-right corner, click on your avatar and then on Notifications:   

 There, you can customize in detail what you want or not to receive, as well as unsubscribe from all communications. Remember to save changes after adjusting them.   

 Community Spaces Notifications If you want to adjust what you want to receive from each space you joined, just click on the bell at the top of each space and select your preferences: 

 Email Notification Settings As with most marketing emails today, at the bottom of the notifications emails you can choose in a single click to change your settings or unsubscribe from all future notifications: 

 With one click, you will be sent to the notifications settings page, or you’ll receive the confirmation message that you are now unsubscribed:   

 Community Weekly Newsletter And likewise, if you no longer want to receive our weekly Community newsletter:  

At the end of it, you will find the same button to unsubscribe: 

 Still need help? Contact Us 😉